5 Roles that an ideal partner takes in a Relationship

Who I’m I to know what’s an ideal partner, I mean i’m still young, haven’t experienced true love and the joy of being in a loving relationship. However sometimes one doesn’t have to be part of the experience to realize and learn from the experience, so from what I have seen around me and from the ideas that was sold to me of what a real real relationship is I picked up five roles that one should take in a relationship,  oh well to me an ideal partner is a person who takes a role of a:

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Is it Safe to call them One hit wonders – #BaKae

With the Metro FM Awards ceremony tonight (01/03/14) in Durban, we will see artists walking away with awards and declaring themselves kings and queens of the entertainment industry. In the entertainment industry, we see artists come, cause havoc on such stages as the Metro FM Awards and disappear straight after one chart-topping single or one successful album. The only thing that they leave their supporters with is the question, Ba Kae? easly translated “Where are they”. These artists set their standards high as they debut in the industry, but fail to keep up with it and make seem the DA and Agang relationship was a very long one. I have however managed to compile a list of 30 artists and groups that vanished over the years, and NO!!! I did not start or even list Ricardo of the I Love you daddy fame, he takes the “one hit wonder” tag to another levelRead More »Is it Safe to call them One hit wonders – #BaKae