The Question: Pamela Nomvete Book Launch

When me and my escort, Vaughan Hugo, reach the Albert Wessels Auditorium, the weather had accustomed a “never go wrong” mood for both of us. The atmosphere in the theatre hall is raving of excitement and brings back the feeling of casual day in high school assembly. Most of the students wear their residences’ customary shirts and the lesser vintage inspired apparels confusing one of the men for my uncle was not my fault. The organisers wear golf shirts with jeans and black dresses and the anticipation is growing with every minute.
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A walk from class with Vuyi

Vuyisile Kubeka is a former semi-martial artist, writer and deputy editor of both Y-Not Culture and IRAWA Post. She wears all these hats while completing her Communication Science Degree at the University of the Free State, well, we might have a jack of all trades. She was born in BETHLEHEM in the FREE STATE, raised in QWA-QWA – a place so comely, her beauty of countryside mountains scream exotically from dawn till dusk.
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Submission in a relationship

(From a woman’s perspective and understanding)

While I was going through my Facebook timeline, I came across an interesting picture with a very powerful caption, touching on submission in a relationship. This got me asking myself, to what extent does understanding of submission differs, between men and women.

Find the picture along with the caption below.

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Things to consider before going into a relationship

(A conversation between Unarine “Una Ramses” Ramaru and Kimberly Pearl Moyo)

When you are thinking of your prospective other, you must have thoughts that includes a clear future together and not just happiness because it can easily be short lived.

Understand what the relationship holds for you before you go into one, weigh if the relationship will be structured by two people (yourself and partner), one of the two or the two plus society’s standards.

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This is why I love Pretoria

Despite all the bad headlines about nyaope and Pretoria soccer teams not winning the league for the past 3 seasons, Pretoria is still a wonderful city to live in. Well, I wrote this after four months of being homesick away from Cap City (Capital City of South Africa). Everytime people mention how wonderful and great their cities are with oceans on their coasts as compared to Pretoria and Joburg, I just dismiss their arguments as naive and ignorant (in my heart that is).Read More »This is why I love Pretoria