Why relationships don’t work out at times

(A conversation between Unarine “Una Ramses” Ramaru and Kimberly Pearl Moyo)

You know guys do things from the situations that girls create, not that it is so, but I know for a fact, men are hunters and like to catch their prey to boost their ego. What do you mean Ramses?? I mean that women nower days, women chase after men instead of men chasing women. The moment a guy is asked out by a girl, at first it is personal glory of I didn’t have to do anything, she chased after me but in the long run that pride of been a man will hit him and wished if he asked her out instead, so what must happen now?? He will boost his ego elsewhere (Not saying it is so with everyone man but I tell you whether we admit it or not to majority it is so)

Also in a relationship we like to be kept on our toes, that way we keep put. If in a relationship the women is about sugarcoating all the time and ‘yeah’ all the time. To us it is easy to go out and find a challenge. As much as we like being the right one all the time we want you to prove me wrong. An overprotective and insecure women also gives the green light for us to go mess up. When your women is overprotective and insecure, to us it is like, even if I do this she will stay so let me just do it. What we actually want to keep put is her signalling her life does not end in our relationship.

I know it is 21st century but submission humbles us but excessive submission doesn’t. You can go back to the last point to get what I mean. Today women are gaining societal power (at work, politically, academically etc.) That is good for an equal society but the problem is mi ladys can’t separate the work place and home. I said we like to be kept on our toes not being made subjects. Have you ever wondered why most girls with old chaps relationships are longer than the conventional relationships? Let me tell you why, they are longer because of the age factor, the girl allow, trust and respect the man’s judgement of things and in turn because the man is satisfied (at this stage he is humbled), he will make her feel like a queen or princess with all the spoiling etc. Now you see what I mean with submission. If my woman is undermining my judgement of things, men we will go find a younger one who have no choice but to submit Angisho. But Una you said excessive submission doesn’t keep you put. Like I said show me I’m wrong when I am wrong not bring hell to earth because I’m wrong, show me. If wena vele you don’t show me when I’m wrong, after a while I will go get a stubborn one who will show me when I’m wrong (that’s where polygamy comes in). Excessive submission proved you stand all my bullshii and you won’t leave so yeah I will go out.

Lastly some men are just bone heads they don’t have reasons to mess up they just do so I can’t defend them.

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  1. Interesting view there Una, but I have a question. I’ve been told repeatedly especially by guys that we are now living in a new age, and the whole ”a guy is a hunter and he must do the chasing” theory no longer applies.So having said that,to what extent (if any) do you think a girl could approach a guy with it not leading to ego problems(for the guy that is) at a later stage in the relationship?

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