Things to consider before going into a relationship

(A conversation between Unarine “Una Ramses” Ramaru and Kimberly Pearl Moyo)

When you are thinking of your prospective other, you must have thoughts that includes a clear future together and not just happiness because it can easily be short lived.

Understand what the relationship holds for you before you go into one, weigh if the relationship will be structured by two people (yourself and partner), one of the two or the two plus society’s standards.

Always give yourself time to know how stubborn the person is, so you can know how far you can stand it. The way that person handles his/her possessions signals how committed, devoted and responsible the person is with his/her own, if you deny yourself the time to find this out, don’t come to me when true colours start showing.

Is the person or you bringing circumstances to the relationship? Are you and the person capable and willing to be immune to them because being with someone is being able to carry each other’s circumstances and making it your own even though you didn’t play a role in it’s foundation.

Is the communication temperature between you two limited or firm to continue and grow in the relationship???

Love is not the perfect match but love is the connection between two people, before you go into a relationship you must consider the connection you have with the person, how do you that? You look at your longest friends’ circle, yes your friends circle. If the person you considering a relationship with cannot fit anywhere in your friends circle, that means there is compromising that must happen and compromising as good as it might seem it boils out after a while. The other reason why you should look at your longest friends is, you’ve remained loyal to them even though they sometimes make you mad to a point you want to kill them but because there are qualities they have and you cherish those qualities as compared to that of the friends you stopped being friends with. What do you mean Una? If your prospective partner does not show a glimpse of those qualities, I see danger.

Like paint are you looking for a relationship that sticks (for longer), that sticks (for a little while) or that sticks (to be changed soon)??? Even if the person is showing signs that they will stick, how long did they sincerely and emphasised they will stick??? And are you both agreeing on how long you will stick together???

What is most important is love, is there enough love in me to share it with someone? if there isn’t, save yourself time wasted, regrets, mistakes, depression and the other person’s feelings.

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