This is why I love Pretoria

Despite all the bad headlines about nyaope and Pretoria soccer teams not winning the league for the past 3 seasons, Pretoria is still a wonderful city to live in. Well, I wrote this after four months of being homesick away from Cap City (Capital City of South Africa). Everytime people mention how wonderful and great their cities are with oceans on their coasts as compared to Pretoria and Joburg, I just dismiss their arguments as naive and ignorant (in my heart that is).

Yes, we don’t have an ocean flowing past Cap City or the bright lights of Joburg but what if I put it to you that Cap City is the best city in Africa and the world for that matter.

Pretoria is the only town in the world that has an in-city Big 5 nature reserve in the world and it encompasses the largest correspondance university in the world.

No wait, let me not tell you about how beautiful Pretoria is, in spring and summer, from the blossoming Jacaranda trees which the three rugby and soccer teams from the city don their colours or how the youth are so driven.

I am not going to tell you of things like all the etolls, municipality charge rates and taxes the government are trying to force down our throats. The good side is they can’t rise the price of “Spathlo“. For many years now, Spathlo ranges around the same affordable prices all over the city.

It is undeniable Joburg is where one build their career, however for the past few years Pretoria has produced many music hits that changed the whole South African music industry. Think Sista Bettina, Mogwanti, 2 by 2, Gata le nna, Make the circle bigger, Lesson No.1 and most recently Ke nyoso. Oh and all racist Steve Hofmeyer’s hits.

Traffic is of course a problem in every major city in the world, in Pretoria it is no different. The positive side of Pretoria’s traffic is, it is always flowing due to the wide streets and number of lanes as compared to Joburg.

Cap City is also home to the most harmless terrorists ever, the hair terrorists. In every 10 metres around the CBD there is someone offering to do your hair at a negotiable price. When you stay in Pretoria there is no need to have a personal Barber or hairstylists.

The culture in the city is a very unique one. Considering the language spoken in the city “Sipitori” is one of a kind, it includes bits and pieces of all the eleven official languages in it. Making it easier for people of all races to speak and rap in it, yes rap in it Chad da Don is a white rapper who can speak sipitori.

These are the little things that make me say I love Pretoria, there are still more things to share but hey I’ve bored you enough already.

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  1. I totally agree…Pretoria is awesome. Have been there for some time and i am a witness.
    And this is a great blog, you surely have a new follower!
    You can also visit me at i would love to hear your views on it.
    Keep up hey the marvelous work hey.

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