5 Roles that an ideal partner takes in a Relationship

Who I’m I to know what’s an ideal partner, I mean i’m still young, haven’t experienced true love and the joy of being in a loving relationship. However sometimes one doesn’t have to be part of the experience to realize and learn from the experience, so from what I have seen around me and from the ideas that was sold to me of what a real real relationship is I picked up five roles that one should take in a relationship,  oh well to me an ideal partner is a person who takes a role of a:

1. Best friend
To tell him/her all your boring stories and bull, and he/she still listens and stick around.

2. Spouse
Help each other with everything, involve him/her in every aspect of your life, to influence a loyal and loving partner.

3. Parent-like
A person who is capable to make you stay sane, over protective when it comes to you, and there for you all the time.

4. Sibling
Yes I said sibling, so the person can be a guide to help traverse the complicated path of growing old up in life. A tag along and pain in the neck but you still love that person to bits even when you trying to hide that you do.

5. Psychologist or Psychiatrist
The human mind always finds things to stress about, in that sense one needs someone to keep them calm and sane.

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