A black man’s life in its current state is an absorbed silence. A feeling that is not afforded to have an expression. The only peace it knows is to keep within the duration it is allowed to smile. A rather loud, silent and broken connection of being and soul.

Is there even a life to protest to keep in tact? What stands upright at the moment? Can it be separated from the shadow of what a white man wants and defines? Is silence ever really quiet? Is my mind running away with me without making sense?

….stillness cannot be sustained just as a backbone remains standing even when seated. The protest that builds from within, erupts in the same plateau of silence within which it should exist. Silence and black lives- where are you heading with this Una?!

What is tomorrow without a future? We have been the “lost” ones of the world for so long. Yet we will stand with our heads held up high in dignity; as one man. Every single day of the hundreds of suppression, the many deaths the black men went and goes through, with each he rises and will continue to do so. Unlike a cat, a black life is not limited to just 8 lives to overcome and oh a black man does overcome, just as silence is loud and defiant.

This is not a declaration of the worth of the black man’s life. This is a reminder that the illusion of a people not belonging and disappearing is not one we ever succumbed to. It is a false prophecy that oppressed and oppresses us but we never swallowed the lie. The black man’s life is human life, it has always mattered.


  1. Sebabatso Thulo

    It’s heartbreaking how true this is… It’s heart breaking how honest this is… It’s inspiring how vulnerable this is… Because what can a black man use to measure his worth

  2. Mulweliwanga Ndou

    “Black man, you are on your own”- Steve Biko. Thanks for the beautiful piece Unarine R

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