Hip Hop as an Art: Notes on Tracklisting

– The tracklisting of an album is very important. Do not put it off to the 11th hour. Take your time while setting it up. In fact if you have to, postpone the release date just to get it right.

– Tracklisting can make or break your whole project. A deformed body of work can never achieve its purpose as much as a structured one can.

– An album in its ambiguity still bowls down to a book format, it must flow, make sense and be picturesque. The worse that could happen is an unfocused storyline.

– The reason why I rate @rikyrickworld’s Family Values higher than most albums this year is the way it was structured. The Tracklist was what gave an extra star rating than it would’ve rated overall.

– Each song is a new episode but it must be tied down by the previous song. If you an artist and disagree then release singles not LPs.

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