The relationship between artist and fan.

A fan should never feel entitled to artists’ music and artists shouldn’t feel indebted to their fans’ support.

Once you start doing music or album on account of your fans asking for it, then you’re a steward not an artist. My description of a steward is a person who serve or is responsible for the comfort of another.

Now, Art is the reflection of pure emotion and mind, the nature of sensation. An artist illustrates that.

“Don’t compromise the art” – @Jay_Melodic

When you do music because demand, you become an agent of people’s taste. (Refer back to description of steward).

I designed something awful a while back, @NazMoney_ told me he doesn’t like it (point blank) & it’s my worst design ever. When I tried to explain the kind of pressure I was to do it he simply said, “Don’t rush your art according to outside factors”.

One thing I kept from Naz was I also felt the same way he did about my design. The followers were pleased but was I satisfied? Did it truly reflect my “pure” state of mind? Did I do it for me? No!!!

The purpose of music as an art form, is to ‘engage’ the audience. How so? Give them an honest expression not their demand/opinion. Your craft is comprehensive if it is done for yourself.

Where do Fans come in? I believe artists are gifted with a gift (expression of art) to share. When you receive a gift you don’t question its shape, form and span. You humble yourself and accept it the way it is or how it is given.


@Unvrine (Unarine Ramaru)

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