Hip Hop as an Art Form: Live Performance

If I was a promoter and you give the music director a full track for you performance I wouldn’t book you again. There are people who go to a concert, show etc. for “distinct” musicality. That fact is usually overshadowed because the majority of the audience is there to be turnt hence the miming of lyrics and yelling “Yeah.”

I bought your album, why should I go and listen to the same thing at a show? How about you show your value as an artist.

How is your music an honest expression if you do the same thing in studio and on stage? Isn’t that empty and transparent art.

Artists who do newer renditions, challenge themselves with different vocal styles/range and different genre sound, on stage boast more respect and offer a memorable experience to their audience.

Take Away Points:
1. When the song was recorded and the moment you get on stage the mood, feelings, time etc. are not the same.
2. Art is a mirror of time, it must reflect the moment.
3. When you are miming on stage you are not respecting yourself as an artist and your fans. Your performance does not capture or communicate with the mood and feelings of that very moment.
4. Artists who mime their music on stage or perform with a full track in the background are not different from people who pirate music in this context.


@Una_Ramses (Unarine Ramaru)

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