Mirror Reflection

By Thulani Gift Sibanda

Like a blind shadow she looks past the blind reflection of a piercing light,

Radiating in the reflection of time, written and spoken in the lines of her emotions saying I matter.

Focused on the inspirations of the lyrics her hair sings,

There’s more…

Sitting behind a broken heart,

Eyes that travel through distant realms, Thoughts recaptured, Trauma recollected.

Misery embraces her like a warm hug from a friend.

The painting of a past that is an artist’s agony,

Strokes of a pencil like riddles of the tormented peace is the price,

In that image, The mirror is a friendly reminder of reality.

The portrait of tears that are the internal river ripples of flooded emotions…

The path to healing is long.

The hands of a goddess narrating a new chapter of life,

A clean focus on the lenses that capture the emotions explored by a verse in the mirror,

The true reflection of a moment so rich yet framed.

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